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Let's take a look back at the important events of April 2024 for the NACHOS brand.
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Rouen-based Mexican fast-food chain Nachos conquers France

Nachos, the Mexican fast-food franchise founded in Rouen, has enjoyed impressive growth since its launch ten years ago. Now with 30 restaurants across France, the brand continues to expand under the leadership of CEO Benoît Leroy. Starting with a single establishment in Rouen, Nachos has gradually expanded its offering and geographical presence, adapting to both city centers and shopping malls. Find out more here

Mexican food specialist Nachos to set up shop in Cholet town center

Nachos, the famous Mexican fast-food franchise, is preparing to open a new restaurant in Cholet's town center. Located near Place Travot, the establishment is due to open in October, according to information reported by Le Courrier de l'Ouest. This expansion marks a new stage in the development of the brand, which continues to win over Mexican food lovers across France. Find out more here

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Olivier Tellechea, Development Director and Lucie Lefrançois, Marketing & Communication Manager, NACHOS

Nachos, the Mexican fast-food franchise, is aiming to strengthen its presence in France, with 29 restaurants already in operation, 22 of which are franchises. At present, the brand is targeting major French cities where it has not yet established a presence, such as Nantes, Metz, Nancy and Nice. It is also targeting towns of over 50,000 inhabitants, favoring prime city-center or shopping-center locations, to ensure optimum sales distribution between lunch and dinner. The brand is banking on its differentiating concept and authentic Mexican cuisine to appeal to a varied customer base, and is planning ambitious growth with a target of 60 restaurants by 2026. Find out more here

"Fast but healthy": the success story of the Norman founder of Nachos restaurants

Founded in Rouen in 2013 by Benoît Leroy, Nachos, the Mexican fast-food chain, is continuing to expand, with the aim of reaching 60 restaurants in France by 2026. Its founder, a native of Normandy, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of his brand. Nachos stands out for its concept of fast, healthy Mexican cuisine, featuring fresh, homemade products. With several restaurants already under its belt, the brand is showing ambitious growth, banking on the quality of its dishes to conquer new territories in France. Find out more here

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