There's a good chance you'll find a NACHOS restaurant near you. What's more, we're open 7 days a week. We invite you to consult the "Our restaurants" section to find your nearest NACHOS restaurant. If there isn't one, we may be opening soon!

Yes, our chicken paprika is halal. We also offer a vegetarian alternative, chili veggie: French (and organic!) soy proteins with a chili sin carne sauce.

To ensure that we deliver to your door, we invite you to consult the pages of our restaurants near you directly on the delivery platforms to check that your address is eligible for delivery. 

If you are not eligible for delivery, your address may be too far from one of our restaurants. Please be patient, delivery zones change regularly!

Our restaurants are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we don't take reservations. But don't worry, there's very little chance we won't be able to accommodate you. If you have a special request or a question about accessibility, the telephone numbers of the restaurants are available on the "Our restaurants" page of the site.
If you notice an error in your takeaway order, please go to the "Customer Service" page in the "After-Sales Service" section of our website to send your complaint to our customer service department with your Click&Collecte order number. For complaints concerning delivery platforms (Uber Eats/Deliveroo), we invite you to make the complaint directly on their respective applications.
NACHOS is a Mexican restaurant that caters for all ages (adults, children) and allows you to compose your dishes according to your desires. None of our ingredients are spicy, except for our sauces, which you can choose at the time of composition: "Salsa Pico de gallo" (mild), "Salsa Verde" (medium-strong) or "Salsa Roja" (very strong).
Our bowls can be made with gluten-free ingredients, and we'll be delighted to accompany you on one of our special "gluten-free" restaurant customizations! You'll find a list of our allergens in the "Menu" section.
You'll find all the information you need about allergens in the "MENU" "Allergen" section. This list is also available in the restaurant.
In the event of heavy restaurant activity, employees may temporarily shut down the delivery platforms to take care of orders already in progress in the restaurant. Please be patient, orders are usually reactivated shortly.

Our NACHOS restaurants accept cash on site, credit cards and luncheon vouchers. 

Some restaurants also accept vacation vouchers. We are currently working with our partners to make all restaurant cards available in all our restaurants.

We'll be delighted to explain it all to you - just take a look at our "Franchise yourself" page. You'll find all the information you need, plus our franchise brochure, application form and franchisee video testimonials.

If your problem can't be solved via our FAQ, you can go directly to our customer service page to submit your question. Our teams will be happy to answer it.