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Press review January 2022

Let's take a look back at the major events of January 2022 for the Nachos brand.

New Nachos franchise in Tours successfully launched

On November 24, 2022, Antoine Danjou opened the 16th restaurant in the Nachos franchise, specializing in Mexican cuisine, at 24 rue Du Grand Marché in Tours. Antoine chose to join the Nachos network after discovering the brand via a website dedicated to franchises. He was looking for a fast-food franchise because of the growth in this sector, and was won over by the Nachos concept. A fan of Mexican dishes and sharing the same values as the brand in terms of freshness and quality of ingredients, he quickly decided to become a Nachos franchisee. To successfully open his restaurant, Antoine implemented a viral communication strategy, with the help of Lucie, Nachos Communications & Marketing Manager, and obtained positive reviews from customers in Touraine.

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NACHOS opened on November 24 in downtown Tours

On November 24, 2022, the Nachos franchise opened its 16th restaurant in Tours, at 24 rue du Grand Marché. Antoine Danjou, 26, is the franchisee behind the opening. He discovered the Nachos concept on the Observatoire de la Franchise website, seduced by its passion for Mexican cuisine and its values. To launch his business, Antoine used social networks and was supported by Lucie, Communication & Marketing Manager at Nachos. They organized a competition on Instagram, offering 200 dishes to winning subscribers on opening day. The restaurant's Instagram page now boasts almost 2,000 followers. With very positive customer feedback, Antoine Danjou sees a promising future for his Nachos restaurant.

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NACHOS looks back on the highlights of 2021

Mexican restaurant chain NACHOS enjoyed a prosperous 2021, with 105% growth and record sales of 11.5 million euros. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the chain maintained its takeaway and delivery business. In September, when Franchise Expo Paris returned, the development team met with new candidates. The network now has 16 restaurants and has expanded to Tours.

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Who will be the future NACHOS franchisee in Calais?

Mexican fast-food chain NACHOS is actively seeking a new franchisee to open a restaurant in Calais, in the Pas-de-Calais département. The NACHOS concept focuses on quality products, dishes prepared to order, and an exceptional customer experience. They are looking for entrepreneurs who share these values, with or without experience, and offer full training and support. A personal contribution of €60,000 is required to start the project.

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"In 2021, we recorded a 105% increase over 2020 with a restaurant fleet that only increased by 20%."

In 2021, despite pandemic-related restrictions, the Nachos network recorded 105% growth on 2020, with the opening of three new restaurants in Strasbourg, Brest and Tours. Their target for 2022 is sales of 18.5 million euros. The ideal Nachos franchisee must be a good businessman, manager and administrator, capable of reproducing the brand's proven model. Nachos responds to current trends in fast food as a brand focused on health, the fast-casual segment of world cuisine, and on-site preparation of products. The fast-casual trend has been reinforced by the pandemic, as consumers are increasingly attentive to the quality of their food. Nachos sets itself apart by offering tasty recipes prepared on site.

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