Mexican chips

Guacamole and Mexican chips

tortilla chips + guacamole

Mexican chips with sauces


Salsa pico de gallo - salsa verde - salsa roja - sour cream - chipotle cream

Bowl of tortillas or Mexican chips




To make your evenings a success, nothing could be simpler: we cook, you enjoy!

apero mexicain le cheesy


Crispy corn chips wrapped in a cheesy homemade sauce

cripsy mexican apero


Crispy corn chips with homemade cheesy sauce and tasty crispy bacon.

authentic mexican apero


Crispy corn chips topped with homemade cheesy sauce, crispy bacon, fork-crushed guacamole, sour cream & a sweet pico de gallo sauce.

signature Mexican apero


A bowl of crispy corn chips with homemade cheesy sauce, crispy bacon, fork-crushed guacamole, sour cream, sweet pico de gallo sauce & your choice of French protein.

The origins of Mexican corn chips: nachos

At NACHOS, we invite you to plunge into the world of Mexican corn chips, a true gourmet experience to be shared. These delicious triangle-shaped chips, known as nachos, are much more than a simple snack - they're the embodiment of conviviality in shared cuisine.

The history of nachos

In 1943, a dozen wives of American soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan showed up at a Piedras Negras restaurant after it had closed. The maître d', Ignacio Anaya, nicknamed El Nachos, prepared a snack for them with what little was left in the kitchen: tortillas and cheese. He decided to cut the tortillas into triangles, add cheddar cheese, heat the mixture and add strips of jalapeno pepper: he created tortilla chips and nachos. His recipe was first published in English in 1954, and went on to become a veritable symbol of Tex-Mex cuisine. It's a tribute to this history that our brand and our tortilla chips are called NACHOS!

Mexican chips to share

Made from corn, they are the ideal companion for moments of sharing and conviviality. At NACHOS, our corn chips are made with quality ingredients, guaranteeing a crisp experience. Whether you enjoy them plain or with melting cheddar cheese, homemade guacamole or one of our more or less spicy sauces, every bite transports you to the heart of Mexican cuisine.

For a successful Mexican aperitif!

Nachos are the undisputed star of successful aperitifs. Their triangular shape makes them perfect for dipping in tasty sauces or topping with melt-in-your-mouth delicacies. At NACHOS, we believe in the magic of shared meals. That's why we offer our corn chips in small individual bags for a personal experience or on plates to share, ideal for a successful Mexican aperitif in good company.

Whether you're a fan of intense flavors or prefer the sweetness of a melting cheddar, our Mexican corn chips will suit every taste.

Let yourself be carried away by the authenticity of NACHOS' cuisine.

Mexican corn chips are much more than just chips, they embody our passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and shared conviviality.

Discover them at Nachos and enjoy a memorable Mexican aperitif!